Them Bloody Kids, the rebellious alt rock trio from London.
Metal Hammer Mag: “Punchy, Punky Riffs”

Classic Rock Mag: 8/10

Started by Seb and Madz in 2018 and later joined by Vein as the bassist. They're combined talents to write raw metal, world music and the funkiest grooves meld together to create mind blowing riffs and the catchiest tunes to dance and mosh your heart out to. This is accompanied by fast paced political vocal lines and memorable choruses that will captivate every listener and have them singing and chanting along in seconds.

The band came together based on their love of System of a Down and Scars On Broadway.They have many other influences including RHCP, Muse, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Biffy Clyro and A Perfect Circle.

Lead singer and guitarist Sebastian Moederle-Lumb hails from the seaside town of Scarborough. Influenced by bands such as SOAD, Muse and Black Sabbath Seb writes all our catchy riffs as well as being a genius lyricist.

Drummer and classical composer Darren Maddox from Liverpool brings a uniqueness to TBK. Influenced by SOAD, Led Zepplin, Smashing Pumpkins and video game / soundtrack music he delivers a fresh twist to the percussion and composition of the tracks.

Vein is a natural born producer bringing industrial and nu-metal vibes to the stage. His philosophy; "All music tells a story" and with TBK, there is many stories to tell.